In a tranquil night, emotions arise from the deep of my heart.

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional as well as significant event of Chinese for family reunion and enjoying the full moon. Hope everyone all over the world joyful tonight.

As for moon, there is numerous moving fairy tales from Greece to Japan, and China is no exception. The story of a pulchritudinous lady, Chi’ang -Er, is probably the most intriguing one. She had stealed panacea and then flied to the moon like a rocket man, living with a cute rabbit problem-free but deeply lonely. It is hard to retrieve the origin of this story and the people who conceived it. 

Apart from China, we have Daphne, Luna and etc. Thanks for modern science and technology, we now know that there is no beauty lives in moon. And moon is just a satellite orbiting the earth with desert and silence. It is a kind of pity that science breaks up our good beliefs once again, replacing lovely imagination by dumb numbers.

Scientific evidence tells us the precise position of celestial bodies, but never informs us where we are and who we are. Thanks the beautiful minds who created those fragrant folklores, which  maybe specious but plausible.

Thanks to all good things.

Thank you.


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